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The First Week of The Biden - Harris Administration

February 1, Parik Ravi

President Biden comes into office facing more crises than any president since FDR...

2020 Wrapped: Small Business Edition

December 22

You’ve heard of Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped, the company’s deep dive into the past year’s music trends, but now...

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn As A Small Business

December 2

For our fourth and final installment of the Tips for Using Social Media as a Small Business, we tackle the platform that...

3 Tips for Using Twitter As A Small Business

November 18

Yesterday, Twitter announced the global rollout of a new feature called Fleets, which is basically your Facebook...

5 Tips for Using Instagram As A Small Business

November 4

While Facebook is the most popular social media channel for small businesses and their customers overall, the younger generation...

5 Tips for Using Facebook As A Small Business

October 20

Facebook can easily be considered one of the OG social media channels and is the most widely used platform by active users. Facebook can...

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for your Small Business

October 7

Social media is arguably the most important way to market a business in the 21st Century. In fact, over 90% of 18 to 29...

Does 2020 have your business in a bind?

September 23

Synergy Works Group was founded in the Spring of 2020 amid the novel coronavirus pandemic that shocked the world...

Announcing Synergy Accelerate

September 9

Today at Synergy we are incredibly proud to announce a new milestone. It is our belief that to serve as change agents...

Instagram Insights: The Savvy Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

August 5, Jack Macdonald

Instagram is more than just a savvy app for sharing photos of your brunch. Whether you’re a business owner or...

How would Joe Biden’s America look Economically?

July 29

Last week, former Vice President Joe Biden released a preliminary tax plan that outlines his goals and policy proposals...

7 LinkedIn Tips for Small Business

July 23, Brendan McCarthy

When starting a new business, we all know how hard it can be to stand out from your competition, and there are many...

Top 10 Tips for Small Business Websites to Stand Out

July 16, Jack Krieps

As of the last jobs report, the unemployment rate stands at 11.1%. While this is an improvement over the peak...

Is the worst of the Economic Crash still ahead?

July 8

As of the last jobs report, the unemployment rate stands at 11.1%. While this is an improvement over the peak...

COVID is Spiking Across the South: Is Another Shut Down Inevitable?

June 29

This week, COVID is back in the news and multiple US states are seeing spikes, mostly across the sunbelt region. This prompts...

Does the May Jobs Report Indicate the Recovery Has Begun?

June 16

The United States currently faces a triad of crises unlike anything that it has ever seen before. A global...