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September 9

Today at Synergy we are incredibly proud to announce a new milestone. It is our belief that to serve as change agents in communities we must start by investing in the people who live there. As a part of this, we are proud to announce that at this early stage in our history we have launched our new Synergy Accelerate program.

Through Synergy Accelerate, we are looking to hire and develop young professionals with the potential to make a huge impact in their careers. Our goal is to provide them a series of professional training sessions as well as experiences that will complement their college education and accelerate their career, making them strong candidates in a demanding recruiting environment. Moreover, our associates in Synergy Accelerate can get real-world experience by helping small businesses and startups take on a drastically different landscape than we found ourselves in only a few months ago.

With our Branch System, we are able to focus on a variety of geographic areas to serve businesses. With tight knit teams, our Synergy Accelerate consultants strive to bring the most tailored and high quality solutions to our clients. At Synergy, we know we are stronger when we stand together. #WithSynergy