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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for your Small Business

October 7

Social media is arguably the most important way to market a business in the 21st Century. In fact, over 90% of 18 to 29 year-olds use social media in the United States. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used heavily by over 70% of small businesses to market themselves in some capacity. However, in addition to the wide use of social media, there are three main reasons why a small business should use these platforms.


Social media marketing can be paid for in many different methods. The most common method of payment is a pay-per-click method that charges a specific amount to an advertiser every time their ad is clicked on. Another significant payment method is based on conversions, which is when a customer takes the actions to buy a product or service based on an ad. Regardless of the method chosen, most social media platforms allow the advertiser to set a budget for the total amount that they are willing to spend. Social media marketing is also made more affordable by the benefit of customization, discussed next, which limits the number of potential impressions and clicks to only those individuals who would benefit the business.


When advertising on social media, businesses have the benefit of creating a very detailed target audience for their ads, as well as using A/B testing to ensure that they are paying for the most effective ads over time. Targeting customization includes the ability to use a person’s location, age, gender, interests, self-selected descriptors and preferences, and even browsing history to target an advertisement towards them. This allows for the business to target their ideal customer and ensure that their advertisement is seen by relevant individuals who would be the most interested in their product or service. A/B testing allows for that same business to target that audience with the best visuals or ad copy by showing those which receive the best click through rate after a trial period.


The third reason that small businesses should use social media marketing is the personalization aspect that defines many small businesses and is available with this form of advertising. 53% of consumers have cited that they would prefer to shop at small businesses due to the personal service that is received. This can be translated to a business’ social media advertising due to features that allow you to prompt viewers to send you a message or call the business. A small business can provide a more personalized, individual, and less scripted response when these actions are taken compared to larger companies due to the size and scope nature of the advertising done.

Overall, social media marketing is essential to a small business and important to use because it can be a driving force for business growth. However, it can be tricky to use at times, which is why extensive research before using it is important. Synergy Works Group is skilled in the area of digital and social media marketing and wants to help you improve your business by utilizing this powerful tool. To see how we can help you, reach out today by emailing potofhoney@synergyworksgroup.com.