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3 Tips for Using Twitter as a Small Business

November 18

Yesterday, Twitter announced the global rollout of a new feature called Fleets, which is basically your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (and more) story feature on Twitter. We aren’t going to talk about that though cause it’s just too new and didn’t make the cut for this roundup. We’re gonna try to keep this Insights post short and sweet (just a like a tweet) and cover our 3 favorite tips for using Twitter as a small business:

1. Understand the Platform's Main Purpose
Twitter is the world’s “newsroom” - it’s the place you go to find out what is happening in the world, what is trending, and what is important. Twitter is the platform that, in our opinion, has the most personality and opportunity for your small business to connect with the most ideal customers by connecting with what they are interested in. Twitter is a good place to share information, collaborate, and connect with others. At Synergy, we share all of our Insights to Twitter and share fun, meme-based content to connect with other young entrepreneurs and professionals.

2. Content: lots of options, with limitations
There is a variety of content types that you can post on Twitter, but they come with limitations - most famously the character limits. There’s a limit of 280 characters per tweet that can include any of the following: 4 pictures, a GIF, a video (max 2 minutes, 20 seconds long), a poll, or a link. In addition to all of these types of content, you can curate longer content by starting a thread of tweets, which is just when you reply to your own tweet. You can also post the same stuff in retweets and mentions as a way to share what others post and engage in conversation with other people, companies, or brands. Twitter also has a way to showcase a collection of tweets in a Moment, and of course the newly released Fleets.

3. How often to post
Okay this one took us by surprise, but totally makes sense: With 5,787 tweets sent every second, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. Posting multiple times per day will allow you the most opportunity for your tweets to be seen by your followers and give them more chances to engage with you. If you’re like us and don’t really have the ability or capacity to do this with content that you curate yourself, staying active on the timeline using retweets and mentions is a great way to follow this advice from Wordstream.

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