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Synergy Works Group worked with the team at Accelerated Innovators to update the design of their website and convey a more professional image. Together, we discussed and analyzed the pain points of the AI site, and successfully implemented changes with a quick turnaround.

With Recognition Photo Displays, Synergy Works Group has been able to drive traffic to the social medias and website to generate impressions and leads for future clients.

Synergy Works Group worked with the team at Handshake Bets to develop an application that enables users to place "handshake" bets between one another.

Synergy Works Group worked with the owner of Kevin Lennox Photography to design and develop a website for the new business. After completing industry research to uncover trends and best practices for photography-service websites, the SWG team shared these insights and examples with the client to understand and design the site with details and elements that they preferred. SWG then developed and received feedback from the client, making changes and edits until it exceeded their initial expectations and helped launch their new business in the digital space.

Synergy Works Group worked with a website developer to create a personalized growth strategy and marketing plan to help him accelerate client acquisition and develop a brand image. We focused heavily on solutions for creating a social media presence, establishing a community network, and developing custom strategies for each major segment.

Synergy Works Group created a personalized growth strategy for a coffee producer based in Bloomington, IN to help him expand the reach of his brand. We developed custom solutions for retail expansion, partnerships, and digital marketing to give multiple potential paths to successfully grow the company.

Synergy Works Group has partnered with Radyus Research to provide fully managed enterprise and technology solutions. We set up and perform systems administrations activities as well as technical help for their Microsoft Office 365 enterprise software. Furthermore, we provide full support and server management on their custom designed website by providing services such as web hosting, load balancing and DDoS mitigation, cyber security, as well as DNS management.

Partnering with the Jointly Music Group, Synergy Works Group provided essential marketing consulting to the team. We were able develop and implement a fully integrated marketing campaign focused on organic SEO growth through social media channels.

NME Smart came to us in order to launch an international product seeking an integrated marketing campaign. We were able to work together with NME Smart and provide a comprehensive Product Launch Plan detailing launch efforts and marketing campaigns across the desired region with a focus on cost efficiency.

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To demonstrate how we are able to use data from multiple sources and visualise it in a user-friendly way, we've created a Covid-19 map.